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    This is a wiki for FNC Entertainment's 9-member group SF9.



    SF9's 9th Korean mini-album, coming soon

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    SF9's 3rd Japanese album, now available

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    SF9's 8th Korean mini-album, now available

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SF9 is a South Korean male dance group managed and formed by FNC Entertainment in 2016. Composed by 9 members, the group debuted on October 5, 2016 with the single "Feeling Sensation".

Young Bin
In Seong
Jae Yoon
Da Won
Ro Woon
Zu Ho
Tae Yang
Hwi Young
Cha Ni

SF9 - Feeling Sensation digital cover.jpgSF9 - So Beautiful cover.jpgSF9 - Burning Sensation digital cover.jpgSF9 - Breaking Sensation digital cover.jpgSF9 - Knights of the Sun digital cover.jpg
SF9 - MAMMA MIA digital cover.jpgSF9 - Sensuous digital cover.jpgSF9 - NARCISSUS digital cover.jpgSF9 - RPM digital cover.jpgSF9 - FIRST COLLECTION digital cover.jpg
SF9 - 9loryUS digital cover.jpgSF9 - SPECIAL HISTORY BOOK cover.jpg


SF9 - Sensational Feeling Nine regular cover.jpgSF9 - ILLUMINATE regular cover.jpgSF9 - GOLDEN ECHO regular cover.jpg

SF9 - Fanfare regular cover.jpgSF9 - Easy Love regular cover.jpgSF9 - Mamma Mia regular cover.jpgSF9 - Now or Never regular cover.jpgSF9 - RPM regular cover.jpgSF9 - Good Guy regular cover.jpg

Recent Music Videos

SF9 - Shine Together

Shine Together

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Latest Release
December 9, 2020

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3rd Japanese album GOLDEN ECHO

Birthdays of May
May 11
Hwi Young

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